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  • Behavioral Scientist

    Darrell J. Penta has 5+ years of experience designing and conducting experiments to learn more about complex human behaviors.

  • Communications Consultant

    Darrell J. Penta combines linguistic theory, data science, and creativity to help individuals and organizations craft effective messages.

  • UX Researcher

    Darrell J. Penta conducts research on behalf of start-ups and established business to improve user experiences.

  • HTML/CSS Creator

    Darrell J. Penta uses HTML and CSS to create cool stuff online.

  • Head of Operations, Talent Manager

    The magnificent Jieun "Jina" Park Penta joined the team in 2009 and manages to keep Darrell Penta running smoothly.

  • Team Mascot

    Sahna the Puppy really enjoys eating and sleeping.



checkDesigning and conducting experiments to answer complex questions:
Quantitative and qualitative studiesclose
In-context/onsite research
Human subjects as factorsclose
Ethnographic interviewsclose
Usability studiesclose
Corpus-based researchclose
checkAnalyzing data to make inferences about causal and predictive relationships between variables:
Linear regressionsclose
Non-linear regressionsclose
Multivariate analysesclose
Mixed-effect modelingclose
Statistical testingclose
Descriptive summariesclose
Data visualizationsclose
checkConducting research to improve user/consumer experiences with web-based services and digital devices:
User advocacyclose
Mixed-methods approachesclose
Qualitative & quantitative assessmentsclose
Functionality, features, and interface designsclose
Rapid iterationclose
incorporating stakeholders' feedbackclose
Working with developers & designersclose
Usability and access issuesclose
checkCommunicating effectively to diverse audiences:
Explaining research to scientists/non-scientistsclose
Creating engaging narrativesclose
Multimedia presentationsclose
Generating Print-/digital-media contentclose
checkImproving workflow processes, collaborating with cross-functional teams, managing small groups, and meeting deadlines in fast-paced, high-pressure settings.