Darrell J. Penta



I am a user-focused researcher with 6+ years of professional experience in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, data analysis, lab and project management, and creative communications and marketing solutions. Ph.D. in Psychology, Master's Degrees in Psychology and Applied Linguistics.

Demonstrated ability to assume leading or supporting roles in UX and public-facing communications projects. Collaborates effectively with other researchers, project managers, designers, and engineers at all stages of project development (inception to completion). Passionate about creating inclusive and inspiring user experiences, and committed to increasing accessibility for under-represented populations.

Core competencies include:

  • Facility designing and conducting research (including experiments with human factors, large online surveys, interviews) to investigate complex questions
  • Excellent data analysis, data management, and data visualization skills (including statistical testing and predictive multivariate modelling)
  • Practical experience creating digital content for educational and commercial purposes, with a strong foundation in web design, graphic design, and some computer programming
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills

Research interests include language processing, reasoning, and decision making; human-to-human/-computer communication, product/service usability and functionality. Broader interests include collaborative digital technologies for educational and social advancement, open access and data sharing, product design and development, and applications of technology for community-building.

When I'm not working, I'm probably building stuff out of wood and metal, brushing up on my Korean language skills, or walking my dog Sahna-- a jindo/pungsan mix who loves to play.